Joe Rogan Podcast Companion

The JRE Fan’s Unofficial Companion Website for the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.


JRE Companion categorizes and catalogs Joe Rogan Experience podcasts so you can easily find podcasts discussing the a selected topic and a catalog of guests on the show. JRE Companion also links to books, movies and TV shows recommended by Joe Rogan and his guests.

JRE Companion Development Notes:

Currently back filling all JRE podcasts in the 700’s, 1200’s-800’s is complete and over two hundred podcasts below 700 are currently cataloged.

Added a Joe Rogan Debates Category to help people locate the great podcasts where Joe has two or more people from different opinions debate a topic.

Added a Joe Rogan Experience Psychedelics category

Added the Skepticism category to help delineate between conspiracies theories and conspiracy debunkers.

JRE Psychology Podcasts

Physiologists on The Joe Rogan Experience. Browse all JRE Psychology Episodes