Hunters on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Hunters are one of the most frequent guests on JRE. The hunters are listed alphabetically by first name. The hunting guests on JRE include professional hunting guides, hunting show hosts, well known hunters, hunting book authors, hunting industry leaders and also other JRE guests who enjoy hunting.


Ben O’Brien works at YETI Coolers as the Hunting Marketing Manager.

Ben O'Brien

Ben O’Brien works at YETI Coolers as the Hunting Marketing Manager.

Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, hunter and podcaster.

Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a bow hunter, athlete, author, speaker and hunting show host.


Dan Doty is a writer, producer, and cameraman for the hunting tv show, Solo Hunter, MeatEater TV

Donnie Vincent

Donnie Vincent is a hunter, biologist, explorer, conservationist, sportsman, and filmmaker.

Hank Shaw

Hank Shaw, a chef, hunter, angler and author.

James Hetfield

James Hetfield is the lead singer and co-founder of the rock band Metallica. James Hetfield is an avid hunter.

Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey is an outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter and television producer for many hunting shows.

John Dudley

John Dudley is a world renowned archer and contributes greatly to the discipline.

Mike Baker

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer and hunter. Mike and his family live in Idaho. Mike is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.


Remi Warren is an avid hunter, TV show host and hunting guide.


Scott Eastwood is an actor, hunter and son of Clint Eastwood.


Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, writer, and hunting show personality.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is an iconic rock musician, archer, bow hunter, hunter, author, TV show host and firearms enthusiast.