Doug Stanhope on JRE 1144

Doug Stanhope / JRE 1144

Doug Stanhope / JRE 1144Scroll down for video of this JRE Podcast Doug starts the podcast ranting against artificial sweeteners and hating on stevia. Doug likes drinks that don’t need added sugar, he doesn’t drink coke or other sweetened drinks. Joe Rogan then asks Doug if Doug is the mayor of Bisbee yet. Doug Stanhope¬†is…

Doug Stanhope on Joe Rogan Podcast

Doug Stanhope / JRE 1048

Doug Stanhope / JRE 1048 Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope start this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience talking about flotation tanks. Doug Stanhope is a comedian who lives in Bisbee Arizona. Doug Stanhope’s Official Website for tour dates and shows:¬† More Doug Stanhope on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast